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Here Are Some Of My Most Favorite Coffees

Try these fantastic coffee blends, coffee beans and coffee flavors.




Are You A Coffee Lover?

I have tried a lot of coffee flavors, coffee brands and coffee beans. The coffees at the top are my most favorite ones. I'm sure a lot of coffee drinkers have their own favorite type of coffee. Some have their own favorite coffee bean. Some people wouldn't even drink any coffee unless the coffee beans come from a specific place like Hawaii or Brazil.

Some coffee flavors are also weird like the civet coffee. It is one of the most expensive coffees in the world. It is made by feeding coffee beans to civet cats. People will then dig up civet droppings for the coffee beans. The coffee beans will be washed, then roasted then prepared for people who wants to drink it. Believe me when I say that a lot of people like the taste of civet coffee even though it came from a cat's behind.

Some people also prefer just plain old coffee. You give them any other flavor and they won't like it. Some like their coffee bold, no sugar and no creams. Some like to add coffee syrups and other additives in their coffee. With so many people with different tastes, it is no wonder that coffee is a very profitable industry.

This is just a great testament to how versatile coffee is. There are so many flavors, so many ways to prepare them, so many ways to brew them, and a lot of people are very satisfied with the final taste.




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The Search For The Best Tasting Coffee Continues

I'm a coffee lover. I just love coffee and I love to taste different types of coffee. I'm always in a search for a great cup of coffee with a different flavor. There are many different types of coffee. Some taste great and some tastes aren't for everybody. I think most of us are always in the search for that perfect cup. It doesn't matter if we go to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts or any coffee place, we want to taste the best thing they have. If we like it, we obviously will come back for more. Once we find something that tastes great, we will share it to our friends so they can appreciate the great tasting cup of coffee also.




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