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What Is Amaretto Coffee

Amaretto is a sweet tasting flavored liquor. It was originally created in Italy. The essene of almond and apricot seeds. Amaretto coffee has a bitter but sweet taste to it. Not many people like it but it is definitely worth a shot. You won't know whether you will like this coffee blend unless you try it. If you don't like bitter coffee then this flavor may not be right for you since there is a very strong bitter after taste to this cup of coffee.

It is also sweet which I find rather surprising. The bitter and sweet flavors do work well together. Most Amaretto coffee has an almond taste. It is actually very nice and smooth if you can taste it. There was one brand that I tasted, it had a very syruppy taste or very sweet taste at the end which I didn't like actually. It was very strong so I had to put some additives just so that I will like the coffee. A lot of people like a sweet after taste but that isn't me.

The aroma of this blend is heavenly. It smells so good. However, if you don't like bitter coffee, you are not going to like this. You may smell it all day long. You may even be tempted to get a cup just because it smells so good but the bitter taste will turn you off. Not all Amaretto coffee is bitter though. Some are very smooth and mild. You have to pick the right brand.




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The Search For The Best Tasting Coffee Continues

I'm a coffee lover. I just love coffee and I love to taste different types of coffee. I'm always in a search for a great cup of coffee with a different flavor. There are many different types of coffee. Some taste great and some tastes aren't for everybody. I think most of us are always in the search for that perfect cup. It doesn't matter if we go to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts or any coffee place, we want to taste the best thing they have. If we like it, we obviously will come back for more. Once we find something that tastes great, we will share it to our friends so they can appreciate the great tasting cup of coffee also.





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